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Collaborating for accessibility

It’s important to work with other people when we are making information accessible. This is true whether the information is for print or online. Before we start, we have to let go our own way of thinking. Then we must listen to end users and others with expertise in the field – the goal is to produce material that works for the audience. Collaboration can’t be rushed and we must allow time to get things right.

I learnt about collaboration when I edited the book ‘Creating Welcoming Churches’ and then its large print version. I gained so much working with the end users – and their insights transformed the books.

Recently I presented a workshop at the TechCommNZ ‘Collaborate 2017’ conference in Auckland. At the workshop, ‘Collaborating for Accessibility’, we explored the process of making print and online information visually accessible. We heard from an end user and discussed the challenges with various formats.

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